Netgear Firmware update

Netgear Extender Firmware Update: Troubleshooting Common Issues

It is very easy to update Netgear extender firmware, however, you need to take care of a few things that will be mentioned in this post later. The Netgear firmware update lets you update the software of your range extender to the latest version. When you go about the Netgear Extender firmware update, the extender is upgraded to a newer version. 

The firmware is a set of coded instructions that helps your device go through all the functions and operations. The firmware update makes sure to keep your device stable and compatible. It also adds performance enhancements and some latest security patches to your device. 

In this post, we will take you through some steps to update Netgear extender firmware to the latest version. 

Steps for Netgear firmware update

The steps listed below can be used to update Netgear extender firmware:

  1. Join the Wi-Fi network of the Netgear extender with your computer or laptop.
  2. The default web address of your Netgear extender should be entered in the address bar of any open web browser on your computer or laptop. 
  3. The majority of Netgear extenders have as their default web address.
  4. Thereafter, enter the Netgear Extender login information. To sign in, enter your username and password.
  5. The username and password are respectively “admin” and “password” if you haven’t modified the login information.
  6. Go to the “Settings” or “Maintenance” area of the extender’s web interface after logging in.
  7. Look for and select the “Netgear Firmware Update” option.
  8. To check if your Netgear extender has a new firmware update available, click the “Check” button.
  9. Click the “Download” button to update Netgear extender firmware.
  10. After the download is finished, select “Update” to launch the firmware update procedure.
  11. It will take a few minutes for the firmware to be updated. During the updating procedure, do not switch off the extender or unplug it from the power source.
  12. The extender will automatically restart after the firmware upgrade procedure is finished.

Congratulations! Your Netgear firmware update has been successfully completed.

Why I can’t update Netgear Extender Firmware?

You might not be able to go about the Netgear Extender firmware update for a number of reasons. Here are a few potential reasons:

Can't Update Netgear Extender Firmware
  1. Poor internet connection

The firmware update procedure may not succeed if there is a shaky or unstable internet connection. It is one of the main reasons for failed Netgear firmware update.

  1. Incorrect login information

If you are unable to log into the web interface of your Netgear extender, you may have entered the incorrect username or password. 

  1. Problems with compatibility

Your Netgear extender model or hardware version may not be compatible with the firmware update. 

  1. Firewall configurations

The firmware update procedure could be blocked by your computer’s firewall or antivirus programme. 

  1. Technical difficulties

If you can’t update Netgear extender firmware, ther might be certain technical difficulties. 

Can’t update Netgear Extender Firmware. How to fix it?

Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you update Netgear extender firmware without any issue. Make sure you follow these tips very carefully.

Update Netgear Extender Firmware
  1. Verify your internet connection

Ensure that your internet connection is steady and dependable. The firmware upgrade procedure may not succeed if there is a poor or erratic internet connection.

  1. Netgear extender reset

Try returning it to the factory default settings. Press and hold the reset button on the extender’s back for 10 seconds to accomplish this. Reset the extender and then attempt update the Netgear extender firmware update once more.

  1. Verify compatibility

Verify that the firmware update is appropriate for the hardware version and model of your Netgear extender. To make sure the firmware is compatible with your extender, visit the Netgear website.

  1. Disable firewall and antivirus programmers

The firewall and antivirus programmes on your computer may be preventing the firmware upgrade procedure. Disable your firewall and antivirus software for a while, then try again.

  1. Change your web browser

If you are having difficulties visiting the Netgear firmware update page, give another browser a go.

  1. Manual firmware update

If the automatic firmware update process isn’t working, give manual firmware upgrading a shot. To manually upgrade the firmware, download the most recent version from the Netgear website and follow the instructions.


This post was all about the Netgear firmware update. Furthermore, we discussed how you can troubleshoot the issues while attempting to update Netgear extender firmware. We hope that you were able to understand the whole process of updating the firmware on your range extender and what to do if you face any issues. 

We suggest that you follow the aforementioned steps to go about the Netgear Extender firmware update without any fuss. If you face any issues or have any doubts regarding the firmware update process, kindly feel free to reach out to our support team for more help.